Welcome to the Center on Early Adolescence


The Center on Early Adolescence supports high-quality research on the development, treatment, and prevention of problems of early adolescence and disseminates evidence-based information and interventions. Our goal is to promote successful development of adolescents by helping families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities provide nurturing environments for young people. Nurturing environments (a) minimize toxic or stressful events in people’s lives, (b) richly reinforce prosocial behavior, (c) promote prosocial values and skills, and (d) foster psychological flexibility.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse funds the Center on Early Adolescence. The Center is a collaboration among researchers from organizations strong in early adolescence research.

The website summarizes what is currently known about youth well-being, the costs of problem behaviors, and how we can effectively build families, schools, and communities that foster successful development.

You will also find specific information and tools for Parents, Researchers, Policymakers, and Educators and Practitioners.